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   Vaginal Flora

   She said “fuck me like you love me.”. And I did.

   I kept her pussy grinding tightly against My bushy crotch as I moved her hips front to back in a slow motion that kept her fully impaled and My Dick touching every inch inside her wet glove. Dee’s skirt was lifted slightly as her lithe, teen aged frame snuggled against Mine on the love seat in her mother’s study. My hands making a fist inside the folds of her sunset blue skirt, making it rise and fall at My whim. tHer on top as I reclined against the burgundy velvet love seat in Danielle’s study, Dee’s hands behind her holding onto the dark, worn oak frame as her body heaved forward. Her ass against My belly, a perfect hole to plunder next. Sweat trickled in between her budding breasts making a river that jiggled with each gulp of air she needed to fuel the assault inside her deprived valley. 

   Danielle was kneeling in front of Dee, her daughter. Her hands caressed My feet as she looked into a pussy which she knew was just like her pussy, watching the past becoming real through the girl she bore so many years ago. Looking at the most beautiful pet she ever trained to wet, knowing this part of her education would make her a more pliable puppy made Danielle feel powerfully filthy. Every now and then her tongue would leap out and taste the flavor of her voracious daughter and know through the flavor at what point of orgasm Dee was. Danielle’s warm breath soothed the need in Dee to arch up and take My Dick harder as she cooed a slow burning moan and let Danielle know that she was savoring this with more delight than any other she and her mother shared. Dee was teasing Danielle, making her mother see how good her pussy was and how obedient she had been by taking her mother’s lover’s Dick inside and not displeasing the Man her mother would do anything for. Danielle was watching as her meal became more flavorful, the bounty soon to be filled with rich, fresh protein she adored licking from her friend’s pussies but now she would dine at home. 

   Side to side with a grinding need to release yet holding back so the pressure of her own orgasm would intensify her muscle’s grip upon My shaft buried to the hilt inside this tender morsel. “Am I doing good, mother?” Dee would moan as she bit her lips to hold back a merciless scream from deep within her immortal soul that needed to be heard. I felt her shivers and saw Danielle’s lips quiver with an excitement males can’t truly understand. “Your labia is so delicious, angel. Your clit is as hard as my nipples are now.” Danielle would say after each lick and taste of her depraved crimson lips kissed upon Dee’s bald pussy. “Does mother like the way my pussy looks on her Man’s Dick?” Dee would ask to make her mother a tad bit jealous that she is taking from her what she could never find on her own. “I share him with you angel, you’re my baby girl, never forget that.”. Danielle liked the way her daughter’s cruelty would affect her and she always bit her labia hard when Dee was being this way. But Dee liked the way her mother bit, it sent electric shivers up and down her spine and gave her a small quake that made her feel like she did the night she first masturbated. The night she woke up and heard Me pounding her mother into utter and complete submission. The night Dee became aware of flesh and all its pleasing possibilities.

   Danielle licked My balls wildly while Dee’s lubricating juices coated the shaft and was pushed down by its growing waves. The aroma sent Danielle into a licking frenzy which took Dee into places her mind never fathomed and My Dick into a righteous pulsation that knew the girls needed My seed. The fragrant nectar made Danielle’s mind melt and she lost her sense of proper as the animal inside began to purr and lick, nibble and smell, leer at without loosing track of the budding orgasm her lover’s Dick was blessing her little girl with. Dee was making her pussy more rich in succulent juices to feed her gourmet mother’s palette with while she would abuse her mother’s pussy with toys of all sizes and shapes and colors and uses. Tonight it would be the pink Rabbit her mother bought her on her last birthday, to celebrate her new awakening. They flirted, they became lovers in a mass of smell and sound that made all cum while Dee rode My Dick and Danielle enjoyed the performance. I knew Danielle needed a feast, My cum deep in her daughter’s womb would make her cum licking it out like she has done so many times before with other girls I’ve fucked but those flavors have been lost on her and she needed so badly to be bad, worse than ever before, a monster. 

   “Is this how Sir fucks you, mother” Dee grunted as she peaked. “No, dear angel, Sir hurts mommy like a gutter slut begging for abuse, you’ll see one day, pumpkin.” Danielle hissed as she knew her little girl’s convulsions meant that her angel would erupt very soon, and make My Dick take over and flood her breeding ground with life giving and very powerful swimmers. That which Danielle cum from more than any other sensation, feeling, fluid or touch. Lick lick lick like she was born to do, like her mother taught her, like the girls who woke up listening to their own mothers being fucked Black learned to need.

   Family love can be seen as two girls, mother and daughter, thank each other after a Man has filled pussy, when girls need their own spacial time.


   When did you first suck Dick? The first taste of male meat made you float and know what the word “slutty” really meant, didn’t it. 

   I am working on a new book showing how couples indulge in pleasures sexual, and I am focusing on the moment that you were introduced to the art form of sucking Dick for a hot meal. Not for their pleasure, but for your own greedy needs. “Wanton White Women”, a book about just what the title says, is doing well as it exposes the lewd games white girls play. The next book, “Homo limps” explored how the white male became obsessed with kneeling for a hard Black Man, and all that sissy would do to dine on the best meal in town. Now its your turn as a couple, to confess your sins and show your cravings that bring you releases nothing else provides.

   Today is a good day to confess your past sins. I listen well. Be a part of the new revolution where sex becomes a lifestyle, not something to hide. be proud that you, as a cock-sucking cum harvester serves a need, a very hard need, and you crawl away with their power inside your satisfied belly.

   Who knows, maybe the first person you sucked off will be reading. Or even better, your mom.


black_10_atlanta on Yahoo chat

   Do you like the way the words I allow breath makes your skin feel while you linger inside their siren’s call? Not everyone can sin as you do now. Not everyone is blessed enough to live the rapture the words I give you. Not every sinner has such a deep need to crawl to more perverse thoughts and passions that make the modest shudder. It seems, however, that you are that kind of wanton soul. Lost beyond recognition and you like it. Its a rush you get off on. Being such a naughty person, being better than others because you can savor the very nature of the debauchery inside a wicked mind let go free. The cement that keeps your eyes rolling across the page I illuminate seek the dirty, the horrid, the filthy in one and all, that cement is in the telling.

   The wonder of what I do isn’t making you feel new things, its having you share secrets. To get off knowing you’re so special you can be entertained by another’s deeds lewd and luxurious. To simmer in the stew of lust I make in a kitchen too hot for you to survive. 

   Wipe the drool off your chin, you’re disgusting.

   I can make you stop breathing with a symphony of well chosen letters formed in perfect harmony with a depraved action. Did you like thrill rides as a child? Did you get off watching your parents undress, learning about what grew and what made it feel so good? You’re so nasty. 

   And I like it. I feed off your depraved mind. I grow with each orgasm you spill in honor of these well chosen letters formed in perfect harmony with a depraved action. I like making you jump when I feel like it. I like being in control of that which makes you soil yourself. I like knowing that I own your focus and until I let you go no one else in the world can make you howl the way I do.

   Power. Its such a delicious word, isn’t it. But power is only as good as the way one manipulates reality for the good of the subjects who grovel for each new and twisted word. It is good to be the king.

   It is much better to be your trigger.  

   Sleep tight… someone’s watching you.


black_10_atlanta on Yahoo chat

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